Going back to our roots, we plunged into the brass-part business with just one product but slowly and steadily we have added diverse range of products under different categories, sizes and impeccable finishes. All big business developments and expansions require relentless efforts, time and energy in order to provide best to the customers. As for today we have machinery for Casting, Extrusion and Brass-Hardware manufacturing along with latest equipment’s for Quality Control. Leveraging this top-notch facilities and effective management system, we ensure superior quality production delivered on a timely basis considering all the standards and our customer’s requirements.

Area for Raw Material

The main raw material that we use are Brass Scrap, Copper, Zinc, Lead etc. Raw materials are organized and segregated here. We ensure that all the dross and waste material is removed before the raw material goes for the processing. Waste material like iron and steel are disposed of to ensure pure quality product.

Induction Furnace

We use channel type Induction Furnace with a melting and Pouring Capacity of 750kg. / 90 minutes - producing 7 Ft long Logs / Billets, which has a pre-determined grain size. This logs/billets are further trimmed down to required lengths for heating & hot extrusion.

Metal Analyzer

We use ultra-modern metal analyzer device famously known as SPECTROMAXx, designed by German company 'SPECTRO'. Each charge is being tested to measure the concentration of 17 elements in the melted material before pouring to ensure that the casting quality is as per the specifications.

Billets / Ingots

The particular batch of billets / logs / ingots are organised and market with batch number after the pouring process is completed. This batch is kept in the production process until the dispatch order arrives. 

Extrusion Press

The pressure capacity of 600 tones ensure that the atoms are bonded homogeneously for rods/profile/sections. The products have high durability and long life because of the pressure holding capacity and the strength of the material. The Production capacity is 750 kg / 60 min.

Shrinkage Remover

The use of shrinkage remover Draw bench Machine ensures that all of our products - Rods / Profile / Section are precise and specific in dimensions.

Hardware Machineries

We use state of the art Automatic, Semi-Automatic & Manual Hardware manufacturing machinery, which includes milling, drilling, grinding, etc. for manufacturing large quantities of quality material.

Polished To Shine

In the final step of production, our hardware goes through two stages of polishing – the first to thoroughly remove any imperfections such as scratches or nicks and the second to buff the hardware to a flawless shine. In the first stage, fast spinning wheels wipe away potential scratches left by the forge. Then jeweler’s rouge is used to carefully buff the metal.

Electro Plating

The usage of Electro plating and  Lacquering, ensures, that each manufactured piece is an inimitable and of par excellence


We pay a lot of attention on manufacturing quality products and henceforth we ensure that all the final products are checked in terms of the specified dimensions, finishing and other defects (if any) before packaging